The Andy M Pad Printing Story

About US

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About Us

Our Journey: From One Man to a Flourishing Business

Andreas Mayer, the former President of Tampoprint International Corporation located in Vero Beach, Florida, started his career back in 1998 at Tampoprint GmgH, Germany, as an engineer of their fully automated printing machines. As his knowledge in the field progressed he became the main coordinator between the headquarters and the subsidiaries of Tampoprint International. In 2009 he took over the company’s service manager position . After only 2 years, in 2011 he was elected to be the vice president of Tampoprint. Following his promotion the company flourished, thus created a very successful, family owned business enviroment. After the death of Wilfried Phillip, Mr. Mayer’s father-in-law and the founder of Tampoprint Corportations all over the world, the company suffered a great loss and started experiencing a major decline in sales and production.

Andreas has dedicated his life making the pad printing trade a reliable, also an affordable business and marketing solution for small and large companies alike. After a short absence he decided to once again return to the industry.


Our Commitment to Quality

  • Excellence Every Step of the Way
  • Setting the Standard for Printing
  • Craftsmanship that Speaks for Itself

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  • Pioneering the Future of Pad Printing
  • Driving Innovation, Inspiring Results
  • Where Creativity Meets Technology

Sustainability in Printing

  • Green Practices, Brighter Futures
  • Environmental Responsibility
  • Printing with Eco-Friendly Solutions

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